Tell us about yourself.

    This is a black and white film photograph of boats on the lake through my rainy window.

    About Me.

    If you want the professional skinny version go to the about page.

    It’s often people want to get to know more about me personally before I capture their weddings or we work together in some way. This makes sense. I’m always just as curious about the people I’m going to work with. Getting to know who I’m going to photograph ahead of time gives me a sense of what they would want to be captured because I know a little more about who and what they value.

    It’s really hard to get to know me at all at a wedding. I’m introverted, hyper-focused and busy. Myself in work-mode is like a super serious robot, but myself away from work-mode is really laid back, chatty, idealistic and day-dreamy.

    I’m an INTJ, that’s an MBTI personality type. I think it explains a lot. I’m married to the perfect husband for me. I believe that there is someone made for everyone and it’s amazing how many love stories I get to witness. I was married in December of 2011. We have three dogs: Vincent, Cleo & August. I love Adam Sandler films AKA Happy Madison Productions. I’ve noticed people either love or hate them. I love Game of Thrones: books and movies. I love The Walking Dead, especially Daryl and Maggie. I’m addicted to Korean Dramas and beauty products. If I could go anywhere in the world it would be Ireland. My grandmother is from Ireland and I’ve always been into hot tea and fairytales probably because of it. My hot tea addiction has turned into a coffee addiction. If I were a Hogwarts student: I would probably be a Slytherin or Ravenclaw.  My ultimate dream is to become a published novelist and live on a boat at sea. Seriously. I am really into traveling and camping. I have an RV that I prefer to travel in across the country rather than take a plane. I love road tripping for the photographic opportunities and I just don’t like to fly much. I’m like a modern gypsy living the traveling alternative lifestyle with high-speed internet. I am energized by rainy days and thunderstorms. I love watching the movie Twister and Hocus Pocus because of the music and aesthetic. I’m originally from Oklahoma, born and raised. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to read and learn new things, like other languages, quantum theories, and psychology.



    Underwater Film At Night

    These were taken with a toy underwater camera at night in a pool. We tried to stay as close to the pool light as possible. The camera was a focus free yellow 28mm lens with plastic case. You can find them all over ebay for cheap. This was a part of my very short lived 35mm point and shoot faze in which I have used two toy cameras AKA plastic point and shoots. I’d be willing to purchase a Nikon L35 as they are well built and take beautiful photos and are durable, but I’m over the toy cameras as I’ve already broke them both.


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