Marblehead & Salem, MA self scanned film

These are self-scanned 35mm images from Marblehead & Salem, Massachusetts during October 2017. I’m always behind in uploads as it’s film photography. This was my life’s dream to visit Salem since I saw the ‘Hocus Pocus’ movie as a young girl. It was everything I’d hoped and more. I love visiting New England in the fall.

My sister Mary took the ones of me.

No more digital cameras for me.

I sold my Nikon D600 camera and I’m done with digital cameras for good. These images are the last I took with it in my home studio with a ring light. I tried to love digital photography and it does shine in this situation pictured, but just imagine what these would look like on film! The only benefit of the digital is faster turn around and it’s fun to play with filters in lightroom, but overall does not compare to film in my opinion. I suppose if it’s requested for a project I could just rent one. I have enough equipment to tote around with me already that a digital camera is just not making the bag.

Pastel Summer Self-Scans

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From sometime 2017 in South Florida. These are self-scanned 35mm on a CanoScan 9000 III scanner. I love it! For my professional work I often use Indie Film Lab with frontier scans. Otherwise I develop with Indie Lab or The Boutique Film Lab and self-scan. Self scanning is saving me money on my personal work. It’s $5 to develop a roll at Boutique and just the time to scan. The rolls are an average of $10. So, That’s $35 to have then developed and scanned quickly with Indie or it’s $15 for me to scan myself with development done with Boutique.

The best Chinese food in the Universe

For more than 27 years at the least, my family has visited the Canton Palace. The food is hot. My nanny is Irish, so this a requirement anywhere we take her. When I visit my nanny (grandmother) in OKC we often visit this Chinese restaurant too.  The other two photographs are of her backyard. All 35mm film photography.