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Being In Front of a Camera

I’m awkward.

I understand the awkwardness of being in front of a camera. You are completely depending on the photographer to take the photo at the correct moment to capture you beautifully. I have a hard time not micro-managing my sister when I have her take a photo of me, but I get better results when I just trust her because that’s all you can do. In the photos taken of me, when I think I am looking the way I’d like to, I don’t. And in the photos where I thought I would look ridiculously silly, I didn’t. It’s why I prefer photojournalism because it’s the best set up for the most genuine images and everyone is genuinely beautiful.

RBF Face.

I noticed in the photos above when I think I’m being relaxed or looking cool, my RBF face shows. Not my favorite look and it definitely doesn’t represent my outlook on life, but it’s probably how I look when I’m tired or working hard or lost in deep thoughts…



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