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Disposable Film Cameras At Parties or Weddings

When I threw my younger siblings their 16th birthday party I didn’t want to have to host and photograph everything so I chose to try the disposable cameras. I also took photos, but just a few so I could enjoy the party myself. These photos are from the disposable cameras. The only negative to using these at a wedding or party is, even though they are affordable: around just $1 for camera and development per image (Indie Film Lab), there are always guests who will snap them away like cell phone cameras and others who don’t understand you need light for a photo to turn out. Even though the flash is great on these, you want to be within a few feet or closer of your subject in total darkness. These are a great idea for weddings with plenty of light because anyone can figure them out for a ceremony. It’s better for wedding guests to use these rather than their phones. Phone cameras are getting better and better but they still tend to make subjects look fat or warped, especially near the edges.

I do have the greatest cheap DIY methods for wedding photography.

Don’t get me wrong, as a photographer and filmmaker I understand the value of irreplacable moments and the regrets of not having them captured beautifully by a true professional, but there are so many weddings that don’t hire a photographer or videographer because they don’t think they can afford it or haven’t budgeted for it. If you are going to be cheap about photography or videographry at a wedding or event then I’ll tell you there is a better way of being cheap. Here is a list of the best ways to capture a budget wedding and a list of the worst.

Good Ideas for a Cheap Wedding.

  1. If you can hire a professional, do so. Make sure you love their work and they have a portfolio that speaks to you. If you cannot afford them, read on…
  2. Video cameras! Ask all friends and family if they have any great ways to film your wedding. The photos didn’t turn out great at my own 2011 wedding, but my husband’s friend had an old camcorder and it saved the day. Literally! Cellphones are better at video than photos. Ask guests to refrain from photo taking with their cameras, but video would be helpful.
  3. Disposable Cameras and Instant Cameras! This is a great idea if your wedding is in decent lighting. If it’s dark you will need to instruct guests to take them closer to the subject, or give them to your wedding party, officient and first and last row of guests. Maybe the inner isle as well. Leave instructions with these people that each photograph is around a dollar a shot so they need to make it count.
  4. Once again, No cell phone photos. Video on a cell phone is much more helpful. If you have no idea how to make something out of all the video clips you can always have a youtube vlogging friend or a filmmaker like me create a highlight for you out of them.

The Worst Ideas for a Cheap Wedding.

  1. Cellphone photography
  2. If you hire a very new or affordable wedding photographer, not having all the backup of the list above is a bad idea.

“How promising today’s generation is. They can whip out their cellular phones like sheep, instantly take a million digital photos of their cat and then just delete them. But I’d like to see these kids try to artfully use a traditional film camera or make a super 8 home movie. Traditional film takes integrity, nostalgia, effort, patience and imagination – things that the 21st century has very little of. Everything these days, even a superior medium like film photography with an extensively vivid history and an iconic meaning, is becoming disposable in this age.” – Rebecca McNutt


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